Security Sunday: Three issues of the week!

Over the past few days Apple has had three software security issues. One each on iOS, macOS and HomeKit. While the actual details of the issues do not matter to my discussion they are all in the infrastructure of equipment that I use. While there is a lot of reaction and speculation about the problems that beset Apple I want to use this as a lesson in computing safety. Just in case,….

First and foremost you have to have a good backup strategy from which to recover possible lost data. It is good to extract data from the internal formats of a system. So using something like iMazing. Which can move data in and out of your i”devices” and much more. You can also extract data into standard formats!

You can backup your iCloud files to an external drive or other locations.

Creating a bootable image of your Mac using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper gives you that extra backup of your computer for emergencies. I do this weekly with the primary Macs in my control. This is in parallel to the Time Machine backup that runs all the time. Another use for the image backups is to backup to a second drive and take that drive offsite to say a bank safe deposit box or a family members home that is not too close!

Using a service like Backblaze to create a cloud backup of your computer is a valuable addition to your system security plan.

Automating your iOS device backups to Apple iCloud is the simplest way to ensure that data on your device is somewhere you will NOT forget to manage.

So in case of data loss, software issues, equipment theft, and more. Backup often and offsite!