Brooklyn in Chicago

I have been using the Arcam rDAC and I was reasonably happy with the performance but not the features. As I discussed before finding a DAC has been a big research project for me. There are so many and they all seem to have dramatically different features and price points. It is impossible for any of the local stores to actually keep a wide variety of DACs on display. So off to the audio corners of the internet to figure this out.

Some of the features I am interested in are:

  • DSD playback
  • Balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • MQA
  • Software or hardware upgradeable
  • I like the additional inputs on the Arcam rDAC
  • DC power input for upgradeable power supplies
  • Not ungodly expensive!!

In late 2015 Mytek Digital came out with a new DAC called the Brooklyn DAC. It seemed to match all my wants and more:

  • Balanced Headphone amp
  • Pre-amp
  • Digital and analog volume control
  • Phono stage
  • Balanced outputs
  • Three digital inputs
  • IR Remote for the basics.

After studying the reviews I decided to acquire one for the system. There are a few oddities in use like switching inputs is a little weird from the front panel but it is ok from the Apple remote that they include with the DAC.

Over all this is a GREAT improvement to the system. While the Arcam rDAC is very good the Brooklyn DAC is great and going forward may just replace the pre-amp in the system.

This new class of DAC/front end is kind of interesting. I know that there are compromises in this kind of design but the quality of the Brooklyn is very high.

I will have more comments over time on this one!