A new digital front end

Much of my music is now file based and I wanted to “build it my way” to get that music data into the the DAC. I decided to place a dedicated computer in system to mange the music and not have to support the underlying OS on a regular basis (Windows or macOS). I looked at the Melco-Audio and several others. I looked at building my own computers. Nothing seemed to fit my desire for simplicity until I came upon the Sonore microRendu and the Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5.

This gives me my standard system of playback using ROON and the ability to test other systems as I please. Removing the older MacMini from the system and putting the NAA in place is yet another win in system performance. And a really big one at that. There is a lot packed into this change and will need extended discussion in the future. This change is both sonically significant and design significant!


NOTE: from the future me,.. there are other factors in why the MacMini did not sound as good as it could. Hold that thought for now!